Maintaining a well-performing, available IT infrastructure for your company is obviously very important. Access to your business applications, customer data, and your financial information are critical for the success of your business. If the computers and other IT hardware that deliver access to that information for you, your employees, and your customers fail, it will negatively affect your business. Customers and employees become frustrated, and your bottom line suffers anytime you have IT problems or outages.

Reactive support is built around the idea of supplying IT help and guidance only when it is needed whereby staying ahead of potential problems, and correcting issues before they ultimately result in outages, is the key to maintaining availability and performance.

We go to the doctor for regular checkups with the hope that if a symptom of a medical problem is detected, something can be prescribed to cure the situation before a major medical issue occurs. We bring our car in for regular maintenance, changing the oil, checking engine fluids, and checking performance of the vehicle with the hope of avoiding a major breakdown on the road, or a major mechanical problem.

The same theory applies to IT. There are “technical” things that can be done, “proactively” in the background, which will identify potential problems. Those technical things can in many instances correct the problem, or at the very least, tell you what needs to be done in order to rectify the issue and avoid an outage.

These services are included in our standard Service level Agreement.

Disk drives and other hardware that are performing poorly, and if not addressed, will fail

Backup Check Services

Connectivity Monitoring

Preventative maintenance checks

Regular IT meetings to discuss ticketing reports, problems, etc.