Unlimited Remote Support (Per Server) - Monthly Rate

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As with many things in life, but particularly when it comes to your IT network, it is less expensive to prevent problems than fix them.

Proper server maintenance keeps your data protected and your business running. One failed part can place the entire business at risk.

  • Install new updates. It's important to keep your server hardware and software up-to-date with the latest software patches.
  • Check the server's physical state.
  • Verify hard disk integrity.
  • Review data backups.
  • Confirm event monitoring.
  • Perform security checks.

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Client Testimonials

Impressive sales process, well done 😊

Happy customer

Pieter Van Buuren

Ek wil net graag onder jou aandag bring van die uitstekended diens van Steiner Oberholzer. My laptop het gister sy kop verloor en nadat ek dit gerapporteer het het hy my gehelp om die fout op te spoor en te herstel tot gisteraand laatnag. Dis uitstekended diens.

Please be advised that ticket #69-01192022# (Windows unresponsive) was closed by Steiner Oberholzer .

Baie dankie

Coen Scheepers

Hi Herman, just to thank you and especially Steiner Oberholzer for the exceptional service I experienced late yesterday after my laptop went ballistic. He once again went out of his way to assist and fix it. No time or effort was too big for him even though this process went on way beyond normal office hours till late.

So good to have your team on our side

Coen Scheepers

Good evening Jaco,

Please may I respectfully request you extend my distinct appreciation to all in the NetCad office for the service, efficiency and hospitality extended to me on my recent visits? I assure it is indeed refreshing to be on the receiving of such professionalism!!

Kind regards,

Stuart Dixon