Battery Power Bank for WiFi/LTE Router



UPS 12V DC 57.72Wh / 4800mAh

– DC cable: 5.5*2.5mm to 5.5*2.1mm

– DC adapter: female 5.5*2.1mm to male 5.5*2.5mm

Please note: does NOT come with AC to DC 12V power supply, use your existing power supply or purchase separately.



The UPS 12V is an uninterruptible power supply for any 12V device, and is ideal to supply backup power for WiFi routers or CCTV cameras. During a blackout or load shedding, the UPS will automatically switch to battery power, and your device will stay ON without any interruption. You can expect around 10 hours of backup power for a typical WiFi router, but the actual backup time may be more or less depending on how much power your device consumes. The UPS 12V can be set up in seconds, with only one cable between the UPS and the device to connect. The batteries inside are high quality lithium ion, manufactured by LG (the same “LG” that makes TVs, fridges, washing machines, etc.)


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